How Glme is Obtained?

To obtain the best quality of GLME specific steps are required because only grounding up frozen and cooked mussel powder minimizes and destroys the effectiveness of the product. Therefore the best GLME is obtained after following steps:

Raw Material

Seatone is unique from other GLME as it is extracted only from the premium, fresh mussels when they are in peak condition only with the intention of producing a therapeutic product for joints.


The Company keeps full control of the practice, to make sure that harvesting is done at the best times of each year. Other companies do not take this much control so they use mussels of food-industry grade. Therefore they harvest the mussels year round rather than harvesting them at their peak condition.


In earlier research it was found that only simply drying and then encapsulating mussels will not produce a reliable product. Moreover the non-active components present in the mussels dilute the activity. Seatone is produced by using following two methods to prevent this issue:

  • Cold extraction method: Firstly cold extraction method is followed that removes the fresh mussel out of the shell and rapidly extracts and stabilizes the active component.
  • Freeze-drying method: Freeze-drying is done to preserve the product and stabilize it.
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