What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common disease that is informally referred as joint disease or joint pain which is of different types. It can affect different people of different ages, races and both the sex. However it is widely found in the Americans. It is affecting about 50 million adults and even some types of arthritis are affecting children. It is much common in elder people and women.

Arthritis patients suffer stiffness, swelling and reduced movement. These symptoms fluctuate. They sometimes come and then go. Their intensity can be mild, moderate or severe. Generally it is seen that the intensity of symptoms remains same for years however it accelerates with time.

The severe form of arthritis can lead to constant pain, inability to perform routine activities and makes a person unable to walk or climb the stairs. The condition of arthritis can result in permanent joint changes. These changes may be visible as bent finger joints. The damage due to these changes can be seen through X-ray. Various forms of arthritis can affect the heart, lungs, eyes, kidneys, joints and skin also.The patients of arthritis can suffer from the pains due to damaged or swollen joints.

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