Prevention and Management

As many types of arthritis are inherited to some extent therefore there is no exact way to prevent them. However, you can reduce its risk by preventing the modifiable risk factors such as body weight and injuries. Maintaining a healthy weight keeps you away from the risk of developing arthritis. The arthritis which is followed by joint injury can be prevented by following safety regulations. Arthritis related to infection can be prevented by not becoming infected with the causative microorganism.

Following are some of the measures that can help you to prevent and manage the condition of arthritis:

  • Loose body weight: Reducing the body weight will help you to decrease the stress on weight-bearing joints. This will enhance the joint mobility.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise will aid you to get flexible joints. The relaxing exercises as swimming and water aerobics will improve your life.
  • Heat and Cold Therapies: Use of heating pads or ice packs can be highly relieving for arthritis pain.
  • Assistive Devices: Use of canes, walkers, and other assistive devices will protect your joints and improve your performance in daily tasks.
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