I Am 45 Years Old Female. After Recent Check-up My Doctor Told Me That My Knee Has Early Stages of Osteoarthritis. How Can I Prevent Further Deterioration of My Knee?

The knee is one of the main load bearing joints in our body that gets worn out with age. Arthritis of the knee and pain in the knee joint is common in people of all ages and gender. What Are Options to Prevent Further Deterioration of the Knee Due to Osteoarthritis? If we make a […]

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What are the best diet, supplements and lifestyle changes for a 50 year old male with osteoarthritis, painful knee joints?

What Are the Best Diet, Supplements and Lifestyle Changes for a 50 Year Old Male with Osteoarthritis, Painful Knee Joints?

Why Do We Have Painful Knee Joints? Osteoarthritis of the knee damages the cartilage in the knee joint – a tissue that acts as a cushion at the ends of bones within a joint. This results in pain and mobility problems. As the knee is one of the main load-bearing joints in our body that […]

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Osteoarthritis of Knee

Osteoarthritis is the major form of arthritis that can be serious. It may affect one joint or multiple joints. It can affect spine, knee or any other joint. Osteoarthritis of knee is of many forms however osteoarthritis of knee is the most common type. The common symptoms of osteoarthritis are onset of knee pain, swelling […]

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