How GlME Helps in Treatment and Management of Osteoarthritis

How GLME Helps in Treatment and Management of Osteoarthritis

Who Are Affected by Osteoarthritis? Arthritis today drives millions of sufferers to their physicians each year seeking relief from the pain, immobility, and deformity it can cause. By the age of 40, nine out of 10 people have X-ray evidence of arthritic changes, and many later develop joint pains and stiffness. The significant sign of […]

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hyaluronic acid beneficial in osteoarthritis

Is Hyaluronic Acid Beneficial in Osteoarthritis? How Hyaluronic Acid Work on the Knee Joint? What Are the Natural Sources of Hyaluronic Acid?

What Is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan or Sodium hyaluronate is a clear gooey natural substance produced by the body. It is present in the body wherever moisture is stored or lubrication required, between layers of tissue to eliminate friction. Large amounts of it are found in the skin, connective tissue and eyes.Its main function […]

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early stage osteoarthritis

I Am Only 30, but My Doctor Says I Am Suffering from Early Stage Osteoarthritis, Can I Get Osteoarthritis at Such Early Age?

What is Arthritis? There are many types of arthritis and arthritis related symptoms. Anybody can develop arthritis there is no gender, age or religion and it is the leading cause of disability in the world. Arthritis joint symptoms are stiffness, decreased range of motion, swelling and pain. These symptoms come and go. The symptoms may stay the […]

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What are the best diet, supplements and lifestyle changes for a 50 year old male with osteoarthritis, painful knee joints?

What Are the Best Diet, Supplements and Lifestyle Changes for a 50 Year Old Male with Osteoarthritis, Painful Knee Joints?

Why Do We Have Painful Knee Joints? Osteoarthritis of the knee damages the cartilage in the knee joint – a tissue that acts as a cushion at the ends of bones within a joint. This results in pain and mobility problems. As the knee is one of the main load-bearing joints in our body that […]

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Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Why Green Lipped Mussel Extract is the Best Option for Managing Early Osteoarthritis and Stop Progression?

What is Green Lipped Mussel Extract? The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLM), a shellfish found off the coast of New Zealand seems to contain the therapeutic agents needed to treat one of the most debilitating diseases of our time. Almost 92% of brands worldwide use GLME as one of the ingredients in their food […]

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