How GLME is better than NSAIDs?

NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are the drugs which are commonly used to get relief from pain, reduce fever or reduce inflammation in different conditions including arthritis. Also there are some strong NSAIDs which can improve your condition immediately but they causes severe side effects. It is true that NSAIDs provide rapid action but it is also true that they only provide temporary relief while the GLM provides you long lasting effects even if it′s action is slow. NSAIDs can damage your cartilage, can arouse stomach ulceration, and can cause renal dysfunction or hemorrhage. It may also dilute your blood by influencing the platelets, may increase your blood pressure, can increase the chances of heart attacks, and can stimulate the skin problems.

While the GLM extract aids you to regenerate and recover the cartilage. It is gastro-protective and do not effect adversely on platelets and renal function. It does not aggravate your blood pressure nor does it cause the risk of heart attacks. It may help you to treat the condition of psoriasis.

Therefore you can easily find that NSAIDS can show serious adverse effects while the GLM extract is completely safe.

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