How GLME is Better than Traditional Medicines?

The GLME is natural product with multi compounds. It has chondro-protective, gastro-protective and anti-inflammatory actions. It is effective in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has long-chain fatty acids and a wide range of therapeutic polysaccharides. Its higher doses will never show adverse effects. It produces the long lasting effects. A great care and wide safety measures are taken to acquire a higher quality of this product. Starting from the raw material till the extraction a great effort is done to avoid contamination with Biotoxins, microorganisms, pesticides and heavy metal contaminants. The GLM of licensed marine farms is used for extraction. Therefore the GLM extracts which are available to you are of highest international standards. While the traditional medicines or the herbal medicines available do not meet such standards of processing. Even the raw material in traditional medicines is not checked for the contamination. The medicinal parts of herbal medicines are generally not checked for the percentage of the active ingredients and components. Therefore there is great risk of side effects by using these medicines. Moreover it may take a long time to get relieved by using these medicines and there action may only be temporary.

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