Health Benefits of Squalene for Kids

Immunity Enhancer

It is normal for children to have infections caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses. However, there reoccurrence is not normal. Reoccurring infections are the indications that there is problem of immune system in your child.

A child will suffer from a number of infections and life-threatening conditions if he or she does not possess a well-developed and maintained the immune system. Therefore, developed functioning of the immune system is highly important.

Squalene oil contains elements that improve the immune system of the individual. According to world health organization, Squalene has been used in certain flu vaccines. Every dose of Chriron flu and FLUAD vaccines contained nearly 10 mg of Squalene. Squalene is associated to improve immune response when used in some vaccines. According to studies, the element responsible for immune boosting is alkylglycerols, which researchers have found to fight off colds, viruses and infections. Alkylglycerols are one of the components present in Squalene oil. They are found to fight cancer by killing tumour cells indirectly. They activate the immune system by:

  • promoting immune system cells known as macrophages that consume attacking germs and damaged cells
  • blocking inhibiting protein kinase C that acts as a key regulator of cell growth

Alkylglycerols also decrease the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment due to their ability to protect cell membranes.

Experimental studies reveal that Squalene-supplemented diets result in an increased response of the immune system. Medical conditions, as arthritis, psoriasis and asthma may also be improved by Squalene supplements. The laboratory studies confirmed that the function of macrophages is enhanced by Squalene. Macrophages are the type of white blood cells which ingests bacteria and virus. Macrophages have a vital role in the functioning of the immune system of our body. They also have the ability to help wounds heal faster.

In one of the studies, researchers studied that the expecting mothers who suffer from the urinary tract infections as inflammation in the urinary tract or bladder infections have improvement in their condition with the intake of shark liver oil. Thus it is evident that growing problems with antibiotic resistance can be cleared up by using shark liver oil as an alternative solution.

Squalene contains isoprenoid structures which are known to attach cell membranes. It has significant detoxification and antioxidant capacity. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that can result in oxidative stress. The oxidative stress can result in oxidative damage, cell death, tissue damage and disease.

Therefore, it shows that Squalene has great potential as an immune-support nutrient. Thus for the maintenance of good immune response, intake of Squalene is quite promising.

Protects Against Infections

Infection is the invasion and multiplication of microbes as viruses, bacteria and parasites which are not usually present in the body. An infection can remain localized, or it can spread throughout the body through lymphatic vessels or the blood.

Children develop infections more frequently as compared to adults due to number of causes. It is found that the young children in child care centers are more susceptible to have infections as they have not developed the required protective immunities. Moreover, many children at pre-school age have not yet learned to properly wash their hands and thus germs from the hands of an infected child may get transmitted to others through sharing of toys or touching each other.

Well, it is the matter of concern if your child suffers from infections frequently as some diseases or medicines weaken the immune system. Therefore, if medicines lower the immune system, then it is better to choose an alternative treatment as health supplements. There are certain health supplements that can be considered for protecting your child against infections.

Squalene is known to be excellent health supplement for protecting against infections due to a number of benefits. Squalene has numerous health benefits. Protection against flu and infections is one of those benefits. Squalene has certain elements which improve the immunity of a person. According to the American Cancer Society, Squalene contains alkylglycerols that can defend against colds, viruses and other infections.

Alkylglycerols stimulate the immune system and give protection against uncontrolled, malignant cell growth. According to Swedish biochemist Sven Brohult, alkylglycerols aid the production of white corpuscles that are responsible for the optimal functioning of immune system. Alkylglycerols are also present in the body organs that are essential for immune defense as lymph nodes, spleen as well as in bone marrow and milk of the mother. Shark liver oil contains much more of it. Moreover, the macrophages present in Squalene have the ability to aid the healing of wounds.

Hence, the role of Squalene in protecting against infections and enhancing immunity is manifested.

Defends Against Pollution

Children are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of air pollution than are adults. Children have increased exposure to many air pollutants compared with adults because children spend more time outdoors than adults, thus they have increased exposure to outdoor air pollution.

There are numerous toxins floating in the air we breathe, which are regularly being produced by motor vehicles, industrial facilities, residential wood combustion, agricultural burning, and many other sources. The levels tend to be highest on warm, sunny, windless days and often peak in mid-afternoon when children are most likely to be playing outside.

Effects of Pollution on the Skin of children:

  • Ozone in photochemical smog diminishes Vitamin E levels in the skin, disturbing wound-healing processes and stimulating oxidative stress.
  • Skin exposed to pollution suffers a higher sebum secretion rate as compared to non-polluted areas.
  • Cutaneous pH tends to reduce when exposed to pollution.
  • Squalene and vitamin E are the main antioxidants at the skin surface. Squalene is reduced in polluted areas because it is mobilized to fight oxidative stress in the skin.

Human skin faces an aerial oxidative environment naturally. The environment presents an unpredictable oxidative potential because it is enhanced by solar rays probably combined with aerial-borne pollutants which most commonly act as catalysts in the diverse oxidative pathways. The human sebum highly present on the upper parts of the body as the face is thus a natural “receptor” of these oxidative actions. 10–20 % of sebum is Squalene which is highly sensitive towards different types of Reactive Oxygen Species. Squalene appears as natural bio-markers of most oxidative reactions on the cutaneous tissue.

Squalene being an antioxidant can act as oxygen supplement. It is highly sensitive to singlet oxygen which is a very reactive oxidative species. It assists the oxygen delivery throughout the body. The antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Increased production of free radicals can result in oxidative stress, causing imbalance and leading to oxidative damage, cell death, tissue damage and finally disease. Inhalation of cigarette smoke and exposure to air pollution contribute a lot to the generation of free radicals.

The intake of squalene as a health care supplement is crucial to deal with the pollution as the levels of squalene gets decreased due to pollution. Squalene can help a lot to deal with pollution by neutralizing the increased production of free radicals. Thus a number of medical conditions in children can be prevented by using squalene as a health supplement, which can occur due to increased free radicals.

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