What are the Side Effects of GLME?

GLME does not show any side effects. However taking the GLME in following conditions will worsen your condition and will show unfavorable effects:

  • The use of GLME in the conditions of gouty arthritis worse the condition of a patient as it will elevate the levels of uric acid which is the major reason behind the gout.
  • The people who ever had suffered hypersensitivity to seafood should never use GLME as this will produce severe side effects.
  • The use of GLME along with the medications as blood thinners or monoamine oxidase in inhibitory drugs will show adverse effects.
  • GLME should never be used in the gestation or lactation period. It can be harmful for fetus and the nursing baby.
  • The use of GLME in children is not approved therefore keep it away from the reach of children.
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