Seatone Vs Other Mussel Extracts

Why choose Seatone over other Green Lipped Mussel extracts?

Early research on green-lipped mussels showed that simply drying and encapsulating mussels did not produce a consistent product. Additionally, non-active components of the mussels diluted the activity. Healtheries uses two processes to overcome this problem:

  • A new processing method of cold extraction remove the fresh mussel from the shell and quickly extract and stabilise the active component; and,
  • freeze-drying to preserve and stabilise the product.

This process ensures there is a huge difference between Seatone GLME and other products marketed as GLME which are actually little more than ground up frozen or even frozen and cooked mussel powder. This kind of processing minimises and can even destroy the potency of the product. This can be proven by a special laboratory test specifically developed by Vitaco for proving that each production batch of GLME has an acceptable level of activity. There are some other mussel products currently being marketed as an extract, which is only the lipids (oils and fats) portion of the mussel which has been extracted through the use of a solvent. While Seatone is much effective because it is the whole extract of GLM.

Raw Material

Seatone is unique from other GLME as it is extracted only from the premium, fresh mussels when they are in peak condition only with the intention of producing a therapeutic product for joints.


The Company keeps full control of the practice, to make sure that harvesting is done at the best times of each year. Other companies do not take this much control so they use mussels of the food-industry grade. Therefore they harvest the mussels year round rather than harvesting them at their peak condition.

Most importantly, most of the clinical researches have been carried out on Seatone GLME which is produced only in New Zealand by Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd in a process which ensures the potency and consistency of the product.

Advisory: This is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of medical complaints. It is for information purposes only.

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