Sources of Squalene

The best source of squalene is the liver of the deep-sea shark. The liver of deep sea shark contains 50% - 70% squalene. Deep-sea sharks live about 900 m under the sea where sunlight and oxygen are almost negligible. Squalene is stored in the bodies of these sharks, which lack a swim bladder and therefore reduce their body density with fats and oils.

Vegetable sources of squalene are olive oil and amaranth. The olive tree has an origin in countries around the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Olive oil has only 0.4 - 0.8 % of Squalene concentration. The extra virgin oil contains about 200 - 450 mg squalene per 100g oil. During the process of production from olive oil, Squalene can be distilled to a concentration of nearly 99%. Amaranth herb is as rich in squalene and as popular in India as the olive tree in the Mediterranean basin.

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