What is Green Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME)?

The green lipped mussel is a shellfish that’s native to New Zealand (Perna canaliculus). Its name comes from the green lip around the edge of its shell. The green lipped mussel is one of the largest mussel species in existence, and can grow up to 240 mm in length.

The green lipped mussels are grown in dedicated farms in the pristine waters of New Zealand, usually in sheltered waters close to the shore. The mussel industry operates within some of the stringent quality standards in the world. Both the mussels and seawater around the farms are tested for Biotoxins, bacteria, and heavy metals. In addition, the water quality is constantly monitored with tests carried out to the standards set by the U.S Food and Drug Administration, European Union, and NZ Food Safety Authority.

New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people have claimed for centuries that consuming green lipped mussels has helped them maintain good health.

GLME or Green Lipped Mussel Extract performs two distinct anti-inflammatory activities.

The principal anti-inflammatory activity is due to a carbohydrate complex that has the ability to inhibit the emigration of neutrophils from the blood vessels. What this means, in everyday terms, is that soldier cells (neutrophils) are inhibited from attacking our own cells when an inflammatory stimulus is present. Preventing inflammation with its associated pain and reduced mobility symptoms is a primary requirement for an arthritis treatment.

Another valuable feature of the product is that it has been found to have natural gastro-protective properties. This means that, not only does it not damage the delicate stomach lining; it actually provides a protective function for it. Thus the product is able to relieve the inflammatory symptoms associated with arthritic diseases whilst protecting the stomach from the damaging effect of some pain-killers should a person need to be taking these at the same time.


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